Wherever possible, our cartons are all made from recycled cardboard and paper.


We are looking for a company to supply us with environmentally friendly adhesive labels. Please contact us to discuss.


Anthony Posemann - Managing Member and Business Owner

Universal Vision is the passion of Anthony Posemann, who launched the business in 2004. With two Honours Degrees, in Human Movement Studies and Psychology, and a deepening interest in healing, crystals and nutrition, Anthony strives to provide products and information which support the development and fulfillment of human potential. 

Fanuel Chinovunye - Production and Procurement

Fanuel's passion is implementing and managing business processes efficiently and effectively. He is thus very well suited to looking after the day to day running of Universal Vision. 


We have our Himalayan Crystal Salt independantly analysed to check the mineral composition and ensure quality.

Comparison with other Salts

We feel that Himalayan Crystal Salt stands on its own in terms of quality and health benefits, view a comparison with other salts.  

Metaphysical Properties of Pink Halite

Pink Halite cleanses and opens the heart and assists one in overcoming past emotional trauma. >> read more

Contract Packing

Universal Vision currently outsources its packing requirements to Zimele Packing Solutions: 
"At Zimele we provide Contract Packing and Product Development with a personal touch. We partner with like-minded businesses producing natural and organic food products that retain their intrinsic properties. At Zimele we apply ethical principles in everything that we do and consistantly deliver on our promises. We individually pack every product with care and pride. We provide needs-based product development solutions. We are sensitive to the impact of packaging on the environment and we consciously support recycling and 'greener' packing alternatives. We seek to create opportunities to uplift and develop unemployed women. This enables them to build confidence and skills through which they can positively influence their communities. We seek to support the growth of small businesses through sharing of knowledge and ideas. Our team of friendly professional packers provide good, efficient service with guaranteed adherance to food safety standards."


Founded in Cape Town, South Africa in 2004,  Universal Vision has grown from a home based business to a national and international supplier and importer of high quality nutritional and healing products. The growth of the business seems to have paralleled the growth of its founder, Anthony Posemann, as he began exploring human potential more deeply, continually discovering the benefits of optimal physical conditioning and health in emotional, mental and spiritual well being and growth. This is Anthony's passion, and he believes each person's uniqueness is their ultimate and enduring strength, becoming who they truly are through embodying their divine essence. In order to support this natural process and an ever increasing capacity to be a vessel of love and light, it seems essential that one continually refine, improve and adjust one's physical vehicle to shifting vibrations. Universal Vision is here to serve and support this as much as possible through providing products which protect, enhance and restore balance. We strive to encourage discernment and increased awareness in choices being made on a daily basis, for one's own well being, the well being of one's family, the evolution of our Earth and the expansion of the one being of which we are all an essential part.

Passing Off of Himalayan Crystal Salt/Pink Salt by other Companies

Although we could be flattered by so many companies copying Universal Vision's pioneering efforts with Himalayan Crystal Salt in South Africa, in the light of ongoing copying of our products and labels by various other companies, we feel it is necessary to clarify our position through the following:
Universal Vision's Himalayan Crystal Salt is sourced ethically from the Salt Range of Pakistan, a geological occurrence in what is known as the sub-Himalayan region. So although the salt is from Pakistan, it is referred to as Himalayan Crystal Salt.
The owner of Universal Vision, Anthony Posemann, travels annually to Pakistan. Universal Vision is thus certain of the quality, source and methods of extraction of our salt through first hand experience. 
There are a number of companies now packaging so-called Himalayan Crystal Salt or Pink Salt based on our success, and some have even gone as far as to copy the wording on our labels as well as our unique analysis!
We therefore encourage consumers to always check the source and integrity of all products they purchase. 

Our company logo at the top left of our website, and our brand logo above, clearly identify our products, and any information, research and analysis on this website refers only to products which carry one or both of our logos.

The following companies providing Himalayan Crystal Salt or Pink Salt are in no way associated with Universal Vision, our products or our brand:
  • Salt of the Earth (copied wording off our labels) 
  • Healthy Stuff (copied our entire label, including our unique analysis) 
  • Nature's Choice
  • Health Connection
  • Organix
  • Good Life
  • Cook Me
  • Best Care
  • SPAR own brand
  • Woolworths own brand